The Hammock Zone


The Hammock Zone specializes in all hammocks of a variety of styles, like Hatteras Hammock, including discount hammocks and hammock chair designs, hanging chairs and hammock stands, as well as cotton hammocks and hammock chairs (some call them chair hammock)

Come to us for the perfect hammock, including the double hammock or camping hammock you need. Are you looking for a hammock stand or hammock swing? Perhaps a hammock chair frame? You’ve come to the right place for these and so much more…



Did you know?

“Rede” is Portuguese for “hammock”, and the same word is also used for “net”, showing the origins of the hammock tradition has come from South America natives that used netted hammocks (we call them rope-hammocks). The hammock was lovingly referred to as “old mother” in many parts of Brazil. This was because she wrapped her user in a cradle-like cocoon to provide comfort and kept the user off the ground to provide protection from critters like snakes and lizards. We also love the “old mother” and expect that you will find comfort and a certain amount of protection from her.

An optimist is a man who plant two acorns and buy a hammock.
― Jean de Lattre de Tassigny