La Siesta – Classic Hammock

La Siesta – Classic Hammock

Brand Name: LA SIESTA

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  • Hand Made in Colombia
  • Top Quality Cotton
  • Extra Soft
  • World Most Comfortable
  • Pure Cotton
  • Tears proof Selvage
  • GS- Tested

About La Siesta – Classic Hammock 

La Siesta - Classic HammockFor more than 25 years, LA SIESTA has taken pride in making the best hammocks, as well as the most comfortable hammocks in the wide scope of styles, shapes, colors, and materials. So you can also look at our collection of top-notch hammocks.

La Siesta made their first hammock in 1991 and was the brainchild of Alexander and Dorothee Grisar who began making hammock at home in their carport. They have gone ahead to make a world-renowned brand well known for making a top-notch and high-quality hammock.

In 2008 they presented the first hammock produced using natural cotton, yet it was not promptly accessible in Latin America so Alexander set up a non-profit association (SOCiLA) to help develop natural cotton in Latin America. He has now ventured down from La Siesta to focus around this while his children run his hammock empire.

La Siesta is an awesome hammock brand with a fabulous story and we are extremely glad to stock them at Simply Hammocks. La Siesta also holds the Guinness World Record for the biggest hammock occasion on the planet!

Product Information La Siesta – Classic Hammock 

Bed width: 4 ft. 7 in

Total length: 9 ft. 10 in

Cloth length: 6 ft. 7 in

Required minimum distance: 8 ft. 10 in

Carrying capacity: 265 lbs.

Country of origin: Colombia

Fabric density (g/m²): 278

Material description: 100% cotton | suspension: 50% cotton, 50% polyester

Product Weight (Retail Packaging): 2.4 lbs.


Product Features La Siesta – Classic Hammock 

Handmade in Colombia:

These Hammocks are handmade in Colombia and as bright as the countryside, the social heritage of the hammock reflects the Colombian zest for life.

High-Quality Cotton and Extra Soft La Siesta

These Hammocks are made with cotton fabrics along with long fibers that make them more durable and soft as well as it allows colors to shine brightly.

World Most Comfortable Hammocks La Siesta

German engineers meet conventional hammock culture: For more than 26 years, we’ve enhanced our hammock designs to make them more comfortable. LA SIESTA hammocks include enhanced weight distribution on account of our high number of suspension cords.

Single Hammock La Siesta

This conventional fabric hammock for only one individual.

Tip: It’s most comfortable when lying corner to corner or diagonally, giving your back the most ideal support, help and opening the hammock with your body.

Pure Cotton 

This Hammock is built-up with great cotton with long fibers: soft to the touch, build up free, strong, and simple to clean. So you can enjoy softness while lying on it thanks to its long fiber’s. You can also clean it easily without any difficulty.

Tea proof Selvage:

By multiplying the weft threads, the selvage is strengthened, making it especially strong for tear proof.

Many Suspension Cords:

The number of suspension cords adds to the comfort and durability of your hammock or hammock seat: The more strings there are, the all the more even the distribution of weight, giving a sentiment of absolute weightlessness!

GS-tested – TÜV-certified safety

The globally prestigious quality brand “GS-Prüfung” is just granted to items that satisfy highest safety standards.

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Advice and Care about the Product:

Required Space:

The distance essential between the two suspension focuses can be controlled by a straightforward general guideline: The suspension height (y) ought to be around one portion of the suspension distance (x). On the off chance that the distance between the suspension points is more prominent, the hammock must be mounted fairly higher.


Hammock between Two Trees

Depending upon the measure of your hammock, the trees must be no less than 3 meters separated and sufficiently solid to hold up under the weight. Keeping in mind the end goal to mount the hammock between two trees, a rope is circled around the tree trunk and appended to the hammock.

Hammock between Two Walls

Weight-bearing and strong walls are appropriate for mounting hammocks. The MultiSpot is particularly straightforward and safe, conveying the weight more than three drilled gaps.

Reclining Position:

When you lay in the hammock diagonally or corner to corner, your body grows the surface territory so the fabric does not tighten. In the diagonal position, there is an ideal help of the back and pressure is expelled from the spine. This position likewise makes shaking more charming.


This hammock can be machine-washed: delicate cycle 86 °F!

Bind the Cords Together:

Tie the suspension lines together before washing to abstain from tangling. The Brazilian macramé can be ensured by utilizing a mesh wash pack.

Do Not Tumble Dry

With a specific end goal to safeguard your hammock, line dry. Try not to machine dry.

Protect from Abrasion:

Ensure that your hammock swings openly and does not rub on the ground.

Remove at Night:

Cotton hammocks are powerless when presented to steady dampness. In this manner, bring the hammock down at night to shield it from overnight clamminess. Remember that a hammock that has turned out to be clammy needs satisfactory air circulation to dry.

Keep Dry during winter:

We prescribe cleaning and altogether drying the hammock before the winter season. After it is totally dried, store the hammock in plastic to shield from vermin.

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